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Scrubber Driers

Our range of scrubber driers from Fimap, Taski and Viper are ideal for making hard floors clean, dry and safe. Perfect for any environment, from narrow aisles and tight indoor spaces, to parking lots and airports, Iles Floorcare can help keep your floors clean and attractive.

For our range of rotary machines please visit the Rotary Machines category.

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Fimap Genie B Scrubber Drier
SKU: FIM102492
Size: 350mm Working Width
£1,750.00 exc. VAT
Fimap Genie E Scrubber Drier
SKU: FIM103890
Size: 450mm
£1,350.00 exc. VAT
Fimap iMx Scrubber Drier
SKU: FIM106487
£3,885.00 exc. VAT
Fimap MMX43B Scrubber Drier
SKU: 103974
Size: Working Width 43cm
£5,891.00 exc. VAT
Fimap MMX52B Scrubber Drier
SKU: 104222
Size: Working Width 50cm
£6,300.00 exc. VAT
Fimap MMX55BT Scrubber Drier
SKU: 103949
Size: Working Width 56cm
£5,092.00 exc. VAT
Fimap Mr60 B Ride-On Scrubber Drier
SKU: FI104833
Size: 1495x1320x680mm
£9,062.00 exc. VAT
Fimap MX65BT Scrubber Drier
SKU: 103840
Size: Working Width 66cm
£5,438.00 exc. VAT
Fimap MXR Ride On Scrubber Drier
SKU: FIM105861
Size: 53cm
£7,100.00 exc. VAT
Fimap My16B Scrubber Drier
Size: Working Width 41cm
£1,700.00 exc. VAT
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